VirtualHoneymoon in the media


VirtualHoneymoon in the media

July 2020

WikiEzVid: 7 Companies Making It Easier To Plan And Manage Travel

Interactive destination matching tool that allows clients to virtually experience a venue prior to booking

From the article: interactive tool that allows brides and grooms across the country to virtually experience potential wedding and honeymoon sites prior to booking. Clients are given a set of questions designed to figure out their needs and preferences, then the tool will match them with the top destinations based on their answers.


SMARTER CX: How CX Technology is Changing the Honeymoon Experience

Choosing your location with the help of virtual reality

From the article:
"...some companies are matching couples with locations based on algorithms. A service called Virtual Honeymoon boasts the ability to narrow the search to two different places for individuals who use their platform."

"After answering some questions and receiving their matches, guests can then explore those locations with VR before settling on their favorite spot"

MARCH 2019

Virtual Honeymoon: Try Before you Fly

The Idaho Virtual Reality Council recognizes Virtual Honeymoon

From the article:
"Imagine being able to experience over 80 of the top romantic destinations for your wedding or honeymoon from the comfort of your VR device. Thanks to Virtual Honeymoon brides and grooms across the US are able to “visit” potential wedding and honeymoon sites prior to booking anything"

"thanks to Virtual Honeymoon brides and grooms across the US are able to “visit” potential wedding and honeymoon sites prior to booking anything"

"Hawkey started the business four years ago with the intent to create a destination matching tool. Having been a travel agent for fifteen years she felt that integrating virtual reality into the business would give clients the opportunity to experience first hand the options they have when picking a travel destination."


Let Technology Pave the Way

Travel Pulse covers the Virtual Honeymoon web tool!

From the article:
"Two of the hottest, tech-savvy sales qualifying tools available today are TripTuner and Virtual Honeymoon. "

"This business-transforming tool will help you determine where your clients want to have their honeymoon, destination wedding or next vacation. "

"Virtual Honeymoon can be used as a standalone website or added to your agency website."

"Start eliminating time-wasting practices now and work more efficiently...[Virtual Honeymoon] will change your business, and your clients will love them as well."


Travel Company Helps Newlyweds Book Their Dream Honeymoon With VR Tech

Giving newlyweds the chance to experience their top honeymoon destination picks with VR technology

From the article:
"Where should your honeymoon be? With so many fantastic, romantic retreats available in the world, how are you supposed to decide? Maybe it can be as easy as slipping on a pair of goggles."

"Virtual Honeymoon is an interactive destination matching tool created and owned by Robin Hawkey, a veteran of the travel industry. "

"Couples who feel conflicted over where to go on their honeymoon, or perhaps have no idea at all, answer 17 simple interactive questions designed to puzzle out just what exactly the couples' needs and preferences are"


TravelWeekly: VR videos helping agents close sales

We were featured on TravelWeekly!

From the article:
"agents using a product developed by Virtual Honeymoon, a company owned by former agent Robin Hawkey, who created a set of interactive, online quizzes to help clients narrow their preferred destinations"

"It literally is doubling their sales," Hawkey said. "They are closing sales quicker, and it gets the clients really excited."

"Virtual reality will be a big part of the travel industry moving forward, and I will be there with my headset on when it happens," he said. "But it's just not right now."

APRIL 2018

Travelweek NEWS: VirtualHoneymoon partners with ExplorVR amid company growth

Virtual Reality role in travel choices

From the article:
"Virtual Honeymoon is an interactive destination matching tool used by agents with indecisive clients. Using intuitive software and an algorithm to search for and match destinations, the tool matches couples with their top two destinations, allowing them to ‘test drive’ these locales and help agents close the sale."

"Started and owned by travel industry veteran Robin Hawkey, Virtual Honeymoon kicked off in January 2015 for year-long testing before launching its affiliate program in March 2016"

"Devin Kinasz, President & CEO of ExplorVR, adds: “Virtual Honeymoon is embracing VR technology and partnering with ExplorVR to give their agents access to exciting destination experiences. We are very excited top partner with Virtual Honeymoon "

JULY 2018

VirtualHoneymoon wins Best Targeted Marketing Award - Travel Age West


VirtualHoneymoon wins Magellan Award for Travel Agent Innovation

We won Travel Weekly Magellan Award!


TravelWeekly: New website helps agents streamline honeymoon planning

VirtualHoneymoon tool recognized

From the article:
"It's a problem most agents face on a regular basis: Clients, old or new, want to go on a vacation, but they don't know where..."

"Using her experience as an agent, Hawkey has created a destination-matching service in the form of an easy online quiz agents can present to clients. The quiz comes on a white-labeled website agents can customize, and it includes destination guides. Hawkey no longer sells travel, instead devoting herself full-time to the company."

"It's fun. It's different. It's an experience," she said, adding that the price of the headsets is not prohibitively high, nor are they low quality.